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Di seguito vengono proposti i link per il download di software a codice sorgente aperto (open source) rilasciato in licenza EUPL:


.:: Piattaforma EXPERIENCE (sito ufficiale di progetto) (scheda su EUPL.IT)

(analisi e scelta della licenza EUPL per il riuso del software)

Suite di prodotti software modulari per il funzionamento del sistema di scambio informativo operativo presso il Sistema Nazionale dei Centri Funzionali di Protezione Civile

.:: CreaTiVù (sito ufficiale di progetto) (scheda su EUPL.IT)

Applicazione opensource per la produzione collaborativa di programmi TV multi-piattaforma


.:: S7 Data Archiver (sito ufficiale di progetto)

Programma in ambiente Siemens Step 7 per salvare in locale, sul proprio PC/PG, i contenuti della memoria dati del PLC, come M e DB; ma anche I, Q, ecc.


.:: IPM (link su OSOR.EU) (scheda su EUPL.IT)

IPM (Interactive Policy Making) is an Internet-based software package aiming at the creation, launch and analysis of replies of online questionnaires.

.:: CIRCABC (link su OSOR.EU) (scheda su EUPL.IT)

Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administration, Businesses and Citizens: Is an open-source, web-based application developed on an Open Source ECM Enables you to share information with your community about a topic of common interest.

.:: DIARA (link su OSOR.EU)

Internet accessible voting system with authentication support for polls, petitions, public letters, initiatives and referendums. The application written in Java and for functioning it needs only Java Applicaton Server (currently tested only on Tomcat).

.:: LANGCHECK (link su OSOR.EU)

Web Multilingual Dictionary System (Prototype) for the purpose of trade mark language check. Community Trade Marks can only be registered if the trade mark denomination does not describe the goods or services it is indended to protect. This means we have to know what a given denomination could mean in any of the 23 EU Official Languages (e.g. the trade mark \’shoes\’ should never be registered to protect shoes. And this principle has to be respected for any of the aforementioned languages


xdomea is a data exchange format for documents, sequences ans records. It was developed in Germany as part of the project \


The objective of the learning demonstrators is to help software editors and contracting authorities to develop eProcurement systems in line with the EU legislative framework with a practical example. See also


Simple Identity Access Management (SIAM) consists out of a set of well established open source components that altogether offer an Identity and Access Management solution for secure and reliable authentication and authorization.

.:: A-SELECT (link su OSOR.EU)

The A-Select Authentication System (in short A-Select) is an innovative system for authentication of users in a Web environment. A-Select is a framework where users can be authenticated by several means with Authentication Service Providers (AuthS\\\’s).


PortableSigner is a signing (with X.509 certificates) program for PDF files. With this tool it is easy to apply digital signatures on PDF documents.


SDMX is the ISO standard (ISO 17369) for the exchange of statistical data and metadata. The Eurostat SDMX converter allows for both manual and automatic conversion between several messages types of SDMX, plus the conversion from and to flat files.

.:: OOoXAdESSignIT (link su OSOR.EU)

It is an extension. Used to digitally sign ODF 1.2 document according to the Italian Standard (CNIPA issued). This is a voluntary contributed project, but the Muncipality of Trento ( ) is close following it.

.:: OPEN FWPA (link su OSOR.EU)

openFWPA is a J2EE development framework for e-administration and e-government developed by the Principality of Asturias (Spain), with a stability and solidity which are indicators of the tens of production systems that work on it.


The “Space Trajectory Analysis” or STA software suite is conceived as a research tool to support the analysis phase of a space mission having the ability to analyze, determine, simulate, and visualize a wide range of space trajectories. One of the STA aims is to promote the exchange of …

.:: SIGNERGIAS (link su OSOR.EU)

The growing importance of geographic information systems in local government, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, has led to the emergence of several open source projects targeting different user groups. For example, we can mention gvSIG, LocalGIS, ideaCV or gisEIEL. These projects have many …

.:: COMER ZZIA (link su OSOR.EU)

ComerZZia is a comprehensive and specialized management system for the retail sector in open source software, licensed EUPL, European Public License ComerZZia reflects the experience of over 15 years in the retail sector, applying the best practices of business management software accumulated …

.:: EUROFILING (link su OSOR.EU)

XBRL taxonomies to support the exchange of financial and solvency information in the context of European banking supervision

.:: OPEN E-PRIOR (link su OSOR.EU)

The IDABC e-Invoicing and e-Ordering project was started in the summer of 2007 by the Directorates-General for Internal Market (DG-MARKT) and for Informatics (DIGIT) of the European Commission. This initiative aims at contributing to the objectives of EU’s i2010 policy framework for the …

.:: ePETITIONS (link su OSOR.EU)

ePetitions is a project designed to release an ePetitions web application with multi-language support. The project enables the site user to manage petitions within their region and also looks to broaden the project to a Euro-wide audience.

.:: MAUSS-R (link su OSOR.EU)

Multivariate Allocation of Units in Sampling Surveys. MAUSS-R is a software that allows the determination of the optimal sample allocation, in multivariate cases and for several domains of interest, for surveys with a stratified sample design. MAUSS-R has been implemented in Java and R with a …


Geographical Information System (GIS) of the EU-funded MEDA Regional Project \

.:: OSHA3 – Decentralised Metadata Driven CMS (link su OSOR.EU)

reated to control, categorise, and facilitate the work of a network of partners, and external editors, geographically located all around Europe and beyond, the EU-OSHA information hub stores and distributes the information placed in the system, in a variety of ways (RSS, alerts, e-newsletter, … ;) . …

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